The protected geographical indication (PGI) ensures that the product Tarta de Santiago is a traditional Galician dessert consisting of almonds, sugar and egg yolk in proportions defined by the legal framework which can be read in the label.

The area of manufacturing of the product registered under the PGI Tarta de Santiago comprises the whole territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.


Round shape covered in a powdered sugar icing and adorned with an outline of the cross of the Order of Santiago as a sign of identity.


Unique aroma of almonds and egg yolks.


White powdered sugar covering and golden colour on the inside.


Classic almond flavour.


Spongy and grainy.


The ingredients of the Tarta de Santiago (recipe without cake crust, or filling for those with a crust) will be the following:

 Ground almonds

– First quality almonds

– Fat content higher than 50% (measured on the product unpeeled)

≥33% of total dough weight


– Refined (sucrose)

≥33% of total dough weight


≥25% of total dough weight

Lemon zest

Quantum satis
(depending on culinary arts)

Fortified wine, brandy, pomace spirit (orujo)

Quantum satis
(depending on culinary arts)

Powdered sugar

Quantum satis
(depending on culinary arts)


There are two basic presentations which are with or without a cake crust. At the same time, each of these presentations may have different formats depending on the size of the cake to be made.